Stella Artois 2017 On-Trade Campaign Activation

CCC was challenged to conduct 6-month long on-trade activation campaign to communicate brand’s sophistication in 80 consumers venues and POCs around Seoul and Gyeonggi-province. More than 20,000 consumers were directly exposed to the campaign which partnered with influential venues (Prost, My sweet, Ramies, YG Pub, Vanguar Terrasse & more). Consumers were able to experience Stella Artois sophisticated brand heritage and brand awareness through self-pouring ad engraved chalice event and POCM branding.

CCC는 스텔라 아르투아의 르 사브아 페어의 연장 프로젝트로서 on-trade activation campaign을 6개월동안 진행하였습니다. 서울과 경기지역에 분포한 80개의 유명 업장들을 대상으로